Julija gives an interview how she balances motherhood and her role as a principal investigator


The Krupic Lab is on twitter. Follow us at: @KrupicL 


Julija gives a talk at Artifical & Biological Cognition Conference 2019

Julija was invited to give a talk about our work on hippocampal map deformations in irregular environemnts


Lab day out in Cambridge 

Krupic lab on the river - with guest stars Marius and Steve


Navigation retreat Tutzing, Germany

The lab at a joint retreat on navigation between UCL and Munich. Julija was invited to give a talk, while Marino and Prannoy presented a poster with their newest results.


The biggest Lithuanian news website writes an article about the Krupic Lab - read about it here!


Krupic Lab in Spectrum magazine - read about it here

An article about the work done in the Krupic Lab in Spectrum magazine from Vilinus University (pp 16-21).  The article won the cover for the issue! 


The lab has opened!